“When it comes to understanding the impact of technology on customers, and on the customer’s customers, no one does it better than Brian. He then uses that understanding to close deals and build long lasting, multi-level, relationships.”

Dr Murray Goldman
Former executive vice-president and assistant general manager, Motorola Semiconductor Product Sector.

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Brian Wilkie

Brian Wilkie
Direct:(512) 827-7364
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Mr. Wilkie focuses on strategy and business development advisory services. A native of Scotland, Mr. Wilkie has had a 30 year career in the Semiconductor Industry, spanning applications, marketing, design and general management. Previously, Brian was the GM of the Microcontoller Division of Motorola, where he grew the business from $25M to over $900M in annual revenues. He went on to run the Automotive division of Motorola, and a PowerPC division, each with well over $500M in annual revenue. Since leaving Motorola, Mr. Wilkie provided strategic and business development services to Private Equity Funds, Chartered Semiconductor (now part of Global Foundries) and AMCC and continues to focus on both large public companies as well as privately financed high tech companies and investors.

He holds a B.Sc in Electrical & Electronic Engineering from Glasgow University.